AMGO Capital offers a suite of services tailored to the individual needs of insurance agency and brokerage owners. As a specialist focusing exclusively on the insurance industry, AMGO Capital understands the nuances associated with this space.  The firm's core philosophy is to provide professional and confidential advice utilizing a concierge approach.

Buy-Side Advisory
Looking to acquire an insurance broker to expand your firm?  Tired of having to compete with other buyers for an agency that is being marketed for sale?  AMGO Capital can identify the "hidden" sellers that are in the marketplace.  Oftentimes, agency owners say they aren't actively pursuing a sale but will talk if the right acquirer and fit presents itself.  AMGO Capital has relationships and contacts with firms that fit this type of situation.  By engaging in a dialogue with these owners on a one-on-one basis, the odds of success in acquiring improve dramatically.

Sell-Side Advisory
Interested in exploring a sale of your agency?  Want to monetize the value embedded within your firm?  AMGO Capital can help guide you through the various steps of selling an agency such as:
  • Identifying areas within the firm for potential improvement and preparing it for sale in order to maximize value
  • Generating a list of potential acquirers
  • Preparing a marketing document (confidential information memorandum) highlighting the positive aspects of your firm
  • Contacting potential acquirers, executing confidentiality agreements, and setting up calls/meetings with these firms
  • Negotiating offer letters on your behalf
  • Assisting with the due diligence process
AMGO Capital will look out for your best interests throughout the process and will act as your representative and advisor giving you another set of eyes to evaluate a potential transaction.

Valuations and Appraisals
Curious as to what your agency is worth?  Need to estimate the value of your company for internal perpetuation or estate planning purposes?  AMGO Capital's valuation report not only provides an estimated market value for your company but also gives recommendations on how to increase that value.  This valuation report analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of your company, compares its financials to peer companies within the industry, and critically looks at the book of business in terms of producers, clients, markets, and other relevant attributes.  Whether you are potentially exploring a sale now or looking to remain independent, this report will give you valuable insight into how an outside party would view your agency.

Capital Raising
Having difficulty financing an internal perpetuation to the next generation of ownership?  Want to take some money off the table while retaining a significant ownership stake?  AMGO Capital has relationships with private equity firms who have an active interest in the insurance space.  AMGO Capital can match up those firms likely to have interest in the demographics of your agency and act as your guide through the capital raising process.

Financial Consulting
AMGO Capital can assist with evaluating your firm's financials and identifying potential areas for improvement.  Other financial ad hoc situations unique to your firm's situation can also be analyzed with recommendations provided as a consulting service.